Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Apologies for the lateness of this blog entry... the end of term was more hectic than usual!

First of all, well done to all the Year 6 for getting through their first term with so much enthusiasm and determination! Indeed, the children have really enjoyed their topic on WWII and we are sure they are looking forward to the next one: HARRY POTTER!

As you know, we try to engage the children as much as possible with their learning by starting a topic with a Big Bang. WWII's big bang was our visit to Hendon. However, although it has not been possible to arrange a trip to Hogwarts for the Big Bang of our next topic we intend to bring Hogwarts to Crabtree on the 4th January, our first day back.

On "Hogwarts Day", the children will be taking part in lots of different science experiments which will fire their imagination. We thought it would be fun, if the children came in dressed up as witches and wizards; hence if your child happens to have a hat and a black cape (and a wand!), please bring these in on Wednesday 4th January; if they don't, please don't go out and buy these, they will have just as much fun without!

Finally, the only piece of homework that was set was a review on one of the HP characters; details of which have been communicated to the children and posted on the Learning Platform. Some children have posted their homework already...very impressive! However, we kindly remind the children that both Year 6 teachers have high expectations with regards to the standard of language used to express their ideas. The children have been given some questions to answer; it is important that these are answered thoroughly.

Many thanks for your co-operation,

and a very happy Christmas to you all!

The Year 6 Team.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Wow, what a week!

Wow, what a week!

Year 6 you blew us away with your assembly. A huge thank you must go to all our talented children who pulled off what was an amazing performance last week. Another huge thank you has to go to our supportive parents. So many of you came to support your children and even joined in with the theme, dressing for the occasion. We hope you all enjoyed the fantastic finish to our topic as much as we did.

Many of the children have been really inspired by the work done on World War II and we hope that they will remember their first term in year 6 for many years to come.

We are currently evaluating what the children have learnt as well as what they have enjoyed. Some of their ideas will now feed into our topics for next term chosen, we might add, in response to their highly persuasive letters written earlier in the term. Across the two classes there was a 50/ 50 split in favour of both Harry Potter and Reach for the Moon, so we have decided to split our term into two topics.
We shall be starting with Harry Potter and finishing with Reach for the Moon.

Friday saw our trip down to Grove Junior School where the children were entertained by the Onatti Theatre Company and the play ‘Shipwrecked en France’
Two talented young actors told us a convoluted tale of young boy’s adventures when he became shipwrecked while on holiday in France. A mixture of French and English ensured that everyone could understand the play and the children were totally enthralled as they barely moved for 50 minutes!

As this term draws to a close work continues apace with the children rehearsing their next performances, this time of the gymnastic variety, ready for Friday’s performance to the rest of the school- sorry, no room for parents on this occasion.

This will be swiftly followed in the last week of term by our Christmas Celebration when some of our Year 6 children will be telling the story of the Nativity.

Thursday 15th December, as well as being the day of our annual Christmas dinner, is also the date for the year 6 Christmas party so remember to ring your party finery for the afternoon’s activities.

We’ll finish with a tantalising taste of 2012 when you should be prepared to be whisked into the magical world of Hogwarts at Crabtree upon your return in the New Year.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year

The Year 6 Team.

P.S. Don’t forget to check the learning platform for your holiday homework.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Homework, reminders and update!

Hello everyone,

It is finally starting to feel like November with the freezing temperatures hitting our windscreens this morning! Won't feel odd buying a Christmas tree in the next couple of weeks!

Until then, Year 6 still has lots to get through, enjoy and achieve! Don't forget that this Thursday is our Year Group assembly. If you can, it would be lovely if you could join the rest of the Year in a short VE Day party which will take place in the classrooms after assembly. This will last 20-30 mins, enough time for you to have a look at what the children have been up to for the last term, eat some War time cakes and enjoy WW2 music? The children will be dressed up, so if you can, come along dressed up too!

In the last couple of weeks, the children have been working very hard as usual, particularly in literacy where they are been writing powerful poems on th Blitz as well as reading and drafting newspaper reports on the events of the WW2 period.They will be cooking in the next few days, producing some cakes using authentic WW2 recipes...

Below are the spellings for this week. Your homework is to use the following words in sentences (one sentence for each word), or to write a sensible but imaginative paragraph including the words. Don't forget the use of VCOP! Try and stretch yourself by using higher level vocabulary and accurate speech punctuation!


Elm - please carry out the work in your spelling books.

Another kind reminder regarding pencil cases: lots of children have been asking for pens and pencils. Could you please ensure your child has a replenished pencil case as we have limited resources.

Thank you and see you on Thursday,

The Year 6 team

Friday, 18 November 2011

Maths Homework for Monday

Apologies to both children and parents. This is a message for Elm children. Your Maths homework is on Sam Learning. The children who can not access Sam learning at home have been given paper copies.

Many thanks and have a great weekend.

Miss Renier

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Our forthcoming Assembly!

We are approaching the end of our topic and with that the children’s penultimate assembly at Crabtree Junior School.

They have all been working really hard this week with a literacy focus on personification- they have done some amazing descriptive work which will be on display in our classrooms.

We wanted to let you know what the format of our assembly will be. Once the assembly is finished we would like to invite all the parents back to the classrooms with the children where we will have a mini VE Day Party. There will be some war time recipes to sample that the children will be cooking in our school kitchen that week, 1940’s music and you will have the opportunity to look at the children’s topic books and displays around the rooms.

Any war time food contributions to add to the ones that the children will be making will be very welcome.

Feel free to come dressed in 1940’s style and really get into the mood of our celebration.

As we begin to rehearse our assembly, the children will be considering the outfits that they need to wear, many of them will be asking to resurrect their outfits from our evacuation to Hendon.

In our science work we have come to the end of our topic on forces and we will shortly be looking to begin our work on electricity. Lets hope that by Christmas the children will be capable of lighting up the festive season by constructing their own circuits!

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our assembly on Thursday 1st December.

Enjoy your weekend.

The Year 6 Team

Monday, 14 November 2011

Homework due in on 16th November

Your homework tonight:

On Thursday you will be writing a poem in Big Writing.
It will be about the idea of the Blitz and the bombing of Britain. Take the idea of fire and the devastation and make a collection of ideas that you could include in your poem. Think particularly about ideas for personification.
e.g. The fire devoured everything in its path.
The flames roared upwards pointing skywards with flickering fingers.
Create a mind map, a spidergram a list of ideas or any plan that helps you!

Use your senses to help you with your ideas.

We will update you with some real Year 6 news later in the week.

The Year 6 Team.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Homework due in on 9th November

This week’s homework for literacy is to decide upon a topic that you can write your speech about later in the week. You need to chat with an adult to help you consider your ideas and whether you have enough arguments or points to put forward for your speech. Make sure the topic you choose is appropriate or you will be asked to change it on Wednesday.

In your home work book you need to record the topic you have chosen and 4 or 5 bullet points of ideas that you can develop further in school when you do your plan on Wednesday- we are NOT asking you to plan your speech at home.
You could add some persuasive phrases or really emotive words or maybe come up with a rhetorical question.

We look forward to some emotive and persuasive topics.

The Year 6 Team

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Autumn has definitely started...

Welcome back to the second half of our autumn term. We hope that you all spent a restful holiday and are full of energy and enthusiasm for the challenges we have planned to take us up to Christmas.

During this half term we will be completing our topic on World War II with a fantastic finish in the form of our year group assembly to be held on Thursday 1st December. We hope to follow our assembly up with a victory tea party including ration time snacks. It would be great if you could resurrect your 40’s costumes for this event. Parents too, feel free to dress in 1940’s style to come to our assembly!

On to a more important point; today’s homework.

As you are aware we have had some recent problems with accessing the Sam Learning site so whilst these issues are being resolved we have set you a science activity on the BBC Bitesize website which has recently been updated.
Our recent assessments indicated that this science area is a weak one. As we do not cover this topic during year 6 we want to encourage the children to revise it in as many different ways as possible.


If you use the above link and then go into the ‘Plant’ section to experiment with growing conditions and the plant life cycle section to explore how plants grow and reproduce.
Once you have completed the activities then go to the quiz. Complete and check your answers and then please print out the quiz sheets to bring into school as the evidence that you have completed your homework. This homework is due in on Friday.
Have fun!

PS As promised, here are some photos of the children making their Anderson shelters...

Monday, 17 October 2011


Dear children,

As explained in class, your homework today is to write a letter or post card home from the point of view of an evacuee. You will need to be descriptive in your letter and tell your parents about:
- where you are staying
- your host family
- what you do on a daily basis
- how you feel

To improve the presentation of your work, why not write it on a tea-stained piece of A4 to make it look old? This is optional. If not, please write the letter on a blank A4, using pencil lines if needed. Please write in ink. If you want, you could also make a postcard.

Once you have written your letter, you need to also go through and underline all the verbs in red and adjectives in green. Soon in literacy we will do a lot more work on our understanding of word types so might as well get started now!

If you need guidance over content, please refer to the following BBC website:


Whilst writing the letter, please refer to the following steps for success:
- I can use paragraphs
- I can use a variety of sentence openers or connectives to introduce each paragraph
- I can use powerful advectives and verbs to describe my new life
- I can show my understanding of an evacuee's experience

Don't forget that this homework is due on Wednesday 19th October.

The Year 6 Team.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Anyone need an Anderson shelter?

This week definitely proved to be an interesting week for Year 6. We were very proud of the children as they all showed commitment and determination towards their tests. A big well done. They had busy days as they had to spend the morning proving themselves in their assessments and then spend the afternoon showing off their amazing DT skills. Although we didn't have time to get on to making planes (Don't worry, the children will use up their cereal boxes very soon!), we gave the children a good opportunity to master their design and technology skills resulting in outstanding shelters. Photos of these and of the planes will be posted in next week's blog.

We would also like to confirm that no homework was set this week. Homework will be set again on Monday, due in on Wednesday.

Before we wish you a good weekend, we publish below a recommended reading list which many of you have requested. The message we have been giving children is that enjoying reading is paramount. However improving our use of vocabulary and language can only be achieved through the reading of more challenging texts. So, it might be time for some of the children to move away from reading Jacqueline Wilson's books now... and if that seems impossible for some, why not alternate between a "fun" read and a more "challenging" read once in a while... up to you! :)


Joan Aiken: Midnight is a Place
David Almond Skellig: Heaven Eyes
Eion Colfer Artemis Fowl series: The Supernaturalist, Half Moon
Susan Cooper: The Dark is Rising sequence
Chris D’Lacey: Icefire, Shrinking Ralph Perfect, The Salt Pirates of
Helen Dunmore: Ingo
Cornelia Funke: Inkheart, Inkspell, The Thief Lord
Alan Garner: The Owl Service, Elidor
Alan Gibbons Warriors of the Raven
Elizabeth Goudge: Little White Horse
Anthony Horowitz: The Power of Five series
Erin Hunter: Warrior Cats series
Brian Jaques: Redwall
Diane Wynne Jones: Eight Days of Luke, The Chrestomanci Series
Elizabeth Kay: The Divide, Back to the Divide etc
Stephen Moore: Tooth and Claw
William Nicholson: The Wind on Fire Trilogy, The Noble Warriors
Jenny Nimmo: Charlie Bone series
Ian Ogilvy: Measle and the Mallockee
Christopher Paolini: Eragon, Eldest
Michele Paver: Wolf Brother, Spirit Walker, Soul Eater
Terry Pratchet: Johnny and the Bomb, Diggers, The Amazing
Maurice and His Educated Rodents
Philip Pullman: His Dark Materials Series
Philip Reeve: Mortal Engines
Philip Ridley: Mighty Fizz Chilla
J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter (the children will be asked to read one of the series next term as part of their topic)
Louis Sachar: Holes, Small Steps
Angie Sage: Septamus Flyte series
Ali Sparkes: Shapeshifter series
Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell: The Edge Chronicles series
Jonathan Stroud: Golem’s Eye
Robert Swindells: In the Nick of Time

G. P. Taylor: Shadowmancer
Kate Thompson: The Swithchers Trilogy, The Missing Link
J. R. R.Tolkein: The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings
Dr Who: story books

Jon Blake: The Last Free Cat
Frank Cottrell Boyce: Millions, Framed, Cosmic
Melvin Burgess: An Angel for May
Joe Craig: Jimmy Coates series
Jamila Gavin: The Blood Stone, Surya Trilogy
Carl Hiaasen: Hoot
Charlie Higson: The Young Bond books
Anthony Horowitz: Alex Rider series
Sophie Mckenzie: Girl Missing
Willard Price: Volcano Adventure etc
Chris Ryan: Alpha Force series
Ruth Thomas: The Runaways
Mark Walden: H.I.V.E series
Jeanette Winterson: Tanglewreck

Nina Bawden: Carrie’s War
John Boyne: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
The Diary of Anne Frank
Anne Holm: I am David
Judith Kerr: When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Robert Leeson: Tom’s War
Michele Magorian: Goodnight Mr Tom
Linda Newberry: Blitz Boys
Christne Nostlinger: Fly Away Home
Jill Paton Walsh: Dolphin Crossing
Robert Westall Blitzcat: The Machine Gunners

Berlie Doherty: Street Child

Have a good weekend,

The Year 6 Team.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Assessment Week

Dear Parents and children,

This week has yet again flown by and actually the cooler temperatures were more than welcome in our classrooms!

Just to let you know that the children have been set two piece of homework to hand in on Monday. The first one was Science on Food Chains and the second one was preparation for next week's DT activities.

We understand that assessments can be somewhat stressful for some children and for this reason we try to compensate by organising "hands on" activities next week, in the afternoons. The children have been asked to come to school on Monday morning with the following: flexible cardboard with which to make their shelters, 2 empty cereal boxes, a roll of kitchen foil, a roll of sellotape/masking tape and doll house furniture if available. With this, they will be making Anderson shelters as well as various WWII planes (English, German, American and Japanese).

The children have been given a rough timetable for their assessment next week but the latter is subject to change. Should their be a change, the children will be notified. For example, it is likely that they will be doing their short writing and spelling assessment on Thursday and Science on Friday.

The children have also been told that there will be no homework set during the week next week as enough will be expected of them as it is. However, if some wish to revise areas of literacy, Maths or science on Samlearning, it is entirely optional.

Many thanks for your support and cooperation,

The Year 6 Team.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

And they say it will snow by the end of October...

A big well done for the Year 6 children for just having survived the blistering heat this week in both Year 6 classrooms! Despite the warm conditions, the children still managed to work very hard and produce some excellent writing. I bet some of you can't wait to have a look at their biographies. A few children have asked if they could take their work home. Rest assured. Next week, we will try to find some time to type the biographies in class so that these can be printed, and taken home.

This week also included our yearly European Day of Languages, which also went very well. Elm had a go making an Atomium and learnt lots about their teacher's home country; whilst Elder explored Denmark and it's wonderful culture.

On top of all that, the children have also been looking at gravity, and the difference between weight and mass. It's always nice to work out how much we would weigh on Pluto... ;)

Finally, another gentle reminder about pencil cases. Please make sure the children have pencils, pens, rubbers, glue sticks etc. Quite a few have been asking for pens and pencils this week and we are running short of resources. Many thanks for your support.

The Maths homework is on Sam Learning again this week. Please remind your children we expect them to spend no more than 30 minutes, even if it means they can't complete their task. Any additional time spent is optional.

That's it from the Year 6 team.

Enjoy the sun this weekend!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Yet another week at Crabtree...

Yet another week at Crabtree in Year 6 and yes, it has really flown by.

The children have well and truly got into their WWII topic this week exploring the main events of the war, locating Britain's allies on maps of 1940 Europe and even re-enacting Chamberlain's war declaration on the wireless. We also had a chance to introduce Charlie Chaplin and clips of some of his films including the famous "Great Dictator"...it was great to see how, a century later, the little man with the funny walk still manages to make children and adults alike laugh.

The children also produced their group biographies this week and some have had a chance to present their work in front of an audience. Next week, they will be planning and writing biographies on the person they interviewed over the summer. We can't way to see the outcome!

Our first science experiment involving flying parachutes in the classroom also proved interesting...the children definitely enjoyed their 1st lesson on air resistance...let's see what happens when we ask them to make their own streamlined airplanes in a couple of weeks!

We would also like to let you know that the children's Maths homework was set on SamLearning today. We made sure they knew their password and that the children who had problems logging in were given paper copies of the homework. Miss Renier's Maths group was reminded that the expectation is for them to spend 30 mins on their homework. Any additional time spent is optional. This is due on Monday, along with their biography notes.

Before we wish you a great weekend, the Year 6 team would like to send out a gentle reminder about pencil cases being replenished when needed (including glue sticks)and PE kits being taken home regularly to be washed.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 6 team.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Another busy week!

This week has positively flown by. What an exciting if exhausting day was had by all on Monday at RAF Hendon, all the staff at Hendon were impressed with our coach load of evacuees.

The children learnt how to make their own gas mask box and came away with identity cards and name labels which will be used in the classroom for display before coming home.
During the classroom experience the siren sounded and the children all took cover under their desks while the waiting for the all clear to sound.

Writing with an old style pen dipped in an ink well was a challenge for most- Mme Baikie wrote beautifully in her war sized exercise book!

The sheer size and number of aeroplanes on display resulted in a considerable number of gasps of surprise.

The Aeronauts Gallery of interactive displays was a big draw with children learning about aero dynamics, the thrust required to allow a plane to take off, cargo dropping from planes and they even had the chance to go hang gliding at ground level!

Since then we have been busy learning about biographies and preparing propaganda posters for display as well as whole class posters which will appear on the Parent Association’s calendar for 2012 available we believe later this term to purchase.

The children all deserve a well earned rest this weekend. We’re looking forward to one too.
See you all on Monday.

The year 6 team

Friday, 9 September 2011

Year 6's first week back!

The end of the first week already and it really has flown by. Year 6 have begun to realise how much is expected of them in more ways than one and are rising to the new challenges being set, sometimes on a daily basis. Well done so far, keep it up!

Next week sees the exciting launch of our World War II topic. Both Miss Renier and Mrs Doran are well prepared with outfits at the ready for Monday morning. We hope you’ve all got yours prepared too.

A few reminders about the day itself:

The coach leaves school in time to reach Hendon for opening at 10:00a.m. Both classes will be experiencing a 1940’s classroom including some old style maths using pounds shillings and pence- hopefully you’ll be better than us at spending old style money. None of us being old enough to remember those days!

There will be plenty of time to look around the museum, a short film to watch, and of course time to visit the shop.

Remember to bring your packed lunch which should include a drink, but nothing fizzy. You may bring spending money up to £5.00; it should be in a named purse and wallet. You will be able to leave your bags in a safe locker so you won’t have to carry them around all day. Lunch will be inside in the lunch area so even if the weather should be inclement as they used to say in the 1940’s we won’t have our picnic spoilt.

We will be back at school ready for a 4:30p.m. pick up and a return to 2011.

See you Monday morning scrubbed and polished ready for your evacuation.

The year 6 team.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Welcome to Year 6!

Dear children and parents,

We hope you have had a fantastic holiday and are ready to start a brand new year at Crabtree. We thought we would ping this note on the blog hoping it might find some of you...

The year 6 team would like to remind the children that they need to bring a full PE kit, an art shirt and a well equiped pencil case (rubber, pencil, handwriting pen, glue stick, pencil sharperner, small ruler etc) on their very first day back.

Although the children will be notified in detailed on Monday, we would also like to warn them that they will be given homework on Monday to be due in on Wednesday. Those reading this might be able to get ahead by preparing for it this weekend! We are starting the year in literacy looking at autobiographies and in order to help the children prepare for theirs we need them do complete the following task. We would like the children to bring a shoe box or a plastic bag full of items to represent their lives. For example: pictures of them as a baby, their first ever shoe, pictures of their 1st birthday party etc. Each item needs to have a meaning about each milestone so that they can use these to make a timeline of their lives.

Finally, although a letter will be sent out on Monday, we would like to confirm that the trip to Hendon on Monday 15th is going ahead. The Year 6 team went there for a sneaky preview in July and we got very excited about what the children will be able to see. However, we have decided to extend the trip to make the most of what RAF Hendon has to offer which means we won't be back to school before 4.30pm. Some parents have very kindly volunteered already and we will be getting in touch with you shortly to confirm your attendance. If the time change means you can no longer volunteer then please don't hesitate to contact the office.

Well, that's it from us for this weekend. We can't wait to see 64 little faces on Monday! Until then, enjoy the last few days of rest!

Have a good weekend,

The Year 6 Team