Thursday, 9 June 2016

Our final day on IWO...

Wow, what a brilliant week this has been. It is probably fair to say we are all exhausted - adults and children alike. But what a week... Today's fossil hunt was a real success. Congratulations to Enrique and Harry H who showed the most commitment in their pursuit of fossils! We had our last ice-creams then a nice walk back to the hotel. We finished the day off with one last visit to the beach - some of ours do love to bury themselves (or others!) in sand! We couldn't  believe seeing so many children on the dance floor  later this evening - how could they possibly have any energy left?! Anyway...
Parents:  the Year 6 team do want to say a particular thank you to your children. Every single day, both random members of the public and event organisers have praised our children for their exemplar behaviour. We and we, as in, the adults, have had a FAN-TAS-TIC time, because the children were so well behaved, so much fun to be with and so grateful for their trip. So, a great well done to them, they are a great credit to you all and we are extremely proud of them.  We will be packing our bags tomorrow morning and make our way back to school, hoping to arrive between 3.00 - 3.30pm, depending on traffic.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

IOW Day 3

And another good evening from the Isle of Wight! What a day we have had! We started off with a stroll around the model village. As you can see the children thoroughly enjoyed their visit. Can you spot the model village in the model village that is in the model village? With another day of glorious weather we had another picnic. We then met a great range of animals; some lemurs even licked Freddie's feet. Another beach session enabled the children to get creative as you can see. Then it was time for early dinner so that we could then whizz off to bowling and lazer quest. Kit nearly got his "spare". And you wouldn't believe it. After all this, the children still had enough energy to sing on the bus on the way back to the hotel.