Friday, 19 December 2014

Thank you

Just a short note to say thank you for all of the cards and gifts that you and your children have brought into school this week.  We have been truly spoilt!  Thank you very much indeed.

We have all really enjoyed teaching the children this term and look forward to seeing them back in school in 2015. 

Merry Christmas.

The year 6 team.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Merry Christmas

As we begin the final week of the term we have to say how proud we were of year 6 last week.
With very limited rehearsal time the children performed magnificently on all occasions to share their version of 'Let's Do A Nativity'.

Despite illness, every character was word perfect and the singing was amazing- we always knew how talented our Crabtree children were, but last week they really got a chance to prove it. Big thanks go to Beth for stepping in to Tom's role in his absence; we're glad to say he is now back at school with us.

Moving into the final days there is still lots to do. Wednesday is not only the school Christmas dinner, but also the year 6 Christmas party. Children are encouraged to bring some suitable party clothes to change into on the day. Remember Christmas dinner day is also Christmas hat day- so plan your designs in advance!

Please ensure that your child brings home all their PE kit after their lesson on Thursday so it can have a good wash and airing over the holidays. When they return in the new term they will definitely need warm clothing for PE including hats and gloves.

In case we don't get the chance to say it in person we would like to take this opportunity, all be it a little prematurely, to wish you all a very happy holiday. Enjoy Christmas and we look forward to seeing everyone in the new year.
The Year 6 Team

Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas begins

As ever life in year 6 is busy.
This week we are carrying out the second week of assessments with the children. Already, with what we have marked, we are seeing progress. A really positive end to the term for many children. Results will be fed back to the children next week once all papers are levelled.

If that isn't enough to do we are also mid concert preparation- something which has had to take a bit of a back seat due to the year group assembly the other week.
Children received their scripts and words for songs last week and their homework over the long weekend was to learn their lines.

This week, due to the assessments, children will not be getting any additional homework. It will resume next week.

On the subject of concerts, a few ideas for costumes. Children were told last week what they would need, but here for adult eyes is the definitive version.

All children start in, and those who are school children stay in their uniform.
Teacher- own clothes suitable for climbing on and off the stage- nothing too short please.
Shepherds- checked shirts and jeans.
Star and angels- something white or silvery. (Wings are optional!)
Kings including Herod- a cloak to add over their uniform and a crown.
Servants- a cloak to wear over their uniform.
Innkeepers and citizens- everyday clothes.
Mary and Joseph- traditional nativity costumes. (Mary needs a baby Jesus please)

If there are any problems with the costumes please see your child's class teacher as soon as possible or drop them a note.

Thank you for your help in this.

The Year 6 Team.