Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The quest stories have finally been completed and how amazing they are!

As a finale to the main topic work on Harry Potter the children will be experiencing a day of Junior Apprentice. Whilst no one will be fired, the children will be expected to work together to generate a board game linked to our topic. In order for this to go ahead successfully we will need a few things from your recycling!

Bottle tops, cardboard, small, empty plastic bottles or other appropriate containers, ribbon, string, fancy paper and anything else that you think might be useful in the manufacturing process.

At the end of the project the children will be swapping classrooms to apprasie each other's games.

The house who gains the most points for their game and the way that they have developed their ideas will be crowned Junior Apprentice Champions.

Whilst all this is going on the majority of the children will also be perfoming in the annual gym display. Having had sneaky previews we know that all of you who have requested tickets are going to be amazed by the gymnastic prowess of your children.

Thank you again for your ongoing support in all school matters.

The Year 6 team.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Literacy Homework: Wednesday 6th, Friday 8th , Wednesday 13th and Friday 15th

The children have been starting their quest stories this week in literacy. These are written in groups. To put all the chapters back together, we need the children to type these up. This term, the Year 6 team is also heavily focussing on the use of editing and re-drafting skills, showing the children how to improve their writing skills, ready for secondary school.

Therefore, the children’s homework for the next weeks is to edit, improve and type up their quest stories.

In order for the group stories to be effectively collated back together, each chapter needs to be:

·         Typed up each on a separate sheet

·         Font size 12

·         Font style: Comic Sans

·         Top Right Hand corner header:

o   Number of chapter (Chapter 1)

o   Title of chapter

o   Name of child

The children must follow these instructions otherwise it will be very difficult for the Year 6 team to put their stories back together.

Thank you very much for your co-operation.
The Year 6 Team