Friday, 8 December 2017

Freezing fun!

Well, what a day! We just got back from our class trip to Bletchley and the children were fantastic! They represented the school so well and we learnt so much. Huge thank you to the parents that volunteered and supported us with the children today as well, very much appreciated. Us adults were blown away with the History of Bletchley and I know the children were impressed as well. We took part in a great workshop where we learnt to break codes too. We hope you enjoy some of the pictures below.

In English, we have been covering a variety of genres in our respective classes including poetry, speeches, spy stories and Christmas narratives. The children are working so hard with their grammar and punctuation skills and have been taught so much including: modal verbs, subjunctive form, active and passive voice, colons and semi-colons and trying to weave these into their writing as well as identify them in sentences.

In Maths, we have been focused on fractions for the last 4 (ish) weeks. We have learnt to order, compare, convert to decimals, add, subtract, divide and multiply them and the children have loved learning these skills and we have had a lot of moments where children have been so happy to finally crack some of those questions they have previously found difficult in their arithmetic papers. 

In Science, we have finished our 'Light' unit and the kids have LOVED it. They have been experimenting and investigating with prisms, colour wheels, motors, bulbs, learning about refraction (ask them about why a rainbow appears!) as well as understanding more about light and dark with shadows and what would happen if shadows didn't exist! The children will have the opportunity to plan and investigate their own line of enquiry next week and are really looking forward to it. 

If you want to support your child more at home I really recommend the CGP revision guides for SPaG and Maths and just let them work through what they know.

Next week is the Carol Concert, we are looking forward to seeing you there as the children have been practising and working hard; they've been loving the songs they have been learning.

Mrs Carter has also put together a book list for children as some ideas for Christmas presents or just if your child is a keen reader too (please see all the way below!)

Enjoy some photos below of Bletchley as well as Elm classes investigation in Science providing that light is white when all the colours of the spectrum merge.

Have lovely weekends together,

The Year 6 Team :-) 

Book recommendations

Since our children are passionate about reading, we have been thinking about recommending books to one another.
There is also a whole host of wonderful suggestions on the website :  www.lovereading
Here you can search by age group, you can also find best rated and those that are award winners.
There are books on both the 9+ and 11+ section that would still appeal to the children in our group. You can see which would be more challenging as it indicates if they also appear in the 13+ section.
The children’s current recommendations are below and we will add to them in class on an ongoing basis: they are not listed in any particular order and I cannot say I have read every one myself so always scan and check that you are happy that it is appropriate for your child!

1)      Malorie Blackman – A fabulous author who has been Children’s Laureate and often deals with issues that make the children think and elicit some interesting discussion.  Be aware that she does also writes for older children and her Noughts and Crosses series may be better for when the children are older. The children chose:
·         Thief
·         Antidote
·         Boys don’t cry
·         Hacker
·         Pig Heart Boy

2)      James Dashner – The Maze Runner (Science Fiction adventure)

3)      Erin Hunter – The Warrior Cats ( Adventure series)

4)      Ross Welford  - Time travelling with a hamster  - shortlisted for Costa children’s book award (time travel adventure)

5)      Trenton Lee Stewart – The Mysterious Benedict Society Series (Mystery)

6)      The London Eye mystery by Siobhan Dowd

7)      Michael Grant  - The Gone series (listed as 11+ and 13+ on Love reading)

8)      Terry Pratchet

·         I shall wear Midnight
·         Wintersmith

9)      Joan Aiken –A well- known Children’s writer of many books that could be considered modern classics. (fantasy)

·         Serial Garden
·         The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

10)   Emma Carroll
* The girl who walked on Air (Adventure)
* Letters from the Lighthouse (Nominated as Children’s book of the Year)

11)   S.K Sheridan – The top secret diary of Davina Dupree

12)   Libby Parker – Bertie the Blitz Dog

13)   Sandi  Toksvig – Hitler’s Canary

14)   Lemony Snicket – All the wrong questions series (Detective mystery)

15)   Veronica Roth – Divergent series (some of the children have read this but it is considered more of a 13+ read so do look carefully- action adventure)

16)   The Lady Grace mysteries by Grace Cavendish (Murder mysteries set in Tudor/Elizabethan period

17)   Wonder – R J Palacio – Carnegie shortlisted, very thought provoking

18)   Gary Paulsen – Hatchet (Survival adventure)

19)   Phillip Pullman  (winner of Carnegie medal)

Has a wide range of books that will appeal to differing reading levels and ages. Our group chose the following as favourites

·         Northern Lights – Part of Dark materials trilogy – The Golden Compass is the film version
·         Ruby and the Smoke (action, detective)
·         The book of dust

20)   Mike Wilks – Mirrorscape (fantasy adventure)

21)   Ali Sparks

*  Frozen in time ( A mystery adventure)
* Car jacked (Nominated for Children’s book of the Year 2017)

22)   Robin Stevens – Mistletoe and Murder (Nominated for several awards recognising crime genre for children)

23)   Maz Evans – Who Let the Gods Out? (I’m told it’s a super funny adventure and nominated for several awards.

24)   Kiran Milwood- Hargrave – The Island at the End of Everything (Nominated for many awards)

25)   Claire Fayers – Journey to the magical North (from 9+, Shortlisted for 2017 Children’s book of the Year) Includes Pirates, magic and adventure

26)   Suzanne Collins – The Hunger games (Many of the children have read this but please be aware that it is listed as a 13+/ young adult book so you may want a look yourself first)

27)   Anthony Horowitz 

·          Alex Rider series (teenage spy)
·         Diamond brothers (humour/detective)

28)   Rick Riordan (Mythical adventures) There are many to choose from

29)   Michael Morpurgo – There are many books by this author!

·         Eagle in the Snow
·         Listen to the Moon
·         Kensuke’s Kingdom
·         Lucky Button (Nominated as Children’s book of the Year)

30)   Some of the children are enjoying some classic stories such as
·         Arthur Ransome – Swallows and Amazons
·         Johanna Spyri - Heidi