Friday, 8 June 2018

Sun, fun, practise and actors!

Our first week back has already begun with talking about the end of year assembly and play. The children have been given a scene to learn if they want a bigger role and will perform to us next week during some light-hearted auditions. We are in full swing with practising the songs for both productions and the children are very excited (as are we!) and they will get their parts very soon.

We have also continued with one of our projects called 'Anywhere Island' where the children have been creating a whole island, country and identity. They have really loved coming up with names, flags and have also done some beautiful creative writing based on what they first see when they step on the island and their first impressions. 

In English, we have been covering a range of units including newspaper articles, fact files, WW1 football match creative writing and writing in role diary entries. We sat down to thoroughly look through all our writers work yesterday and were so pleased, proud and amazed at the mini authors we have in our midst; there are some truly talented writers and we are blown away by their talent and hard work. 

We had Kate in for a hygiene talk on Wednesday and the children learnt how to take care of themselves from top to bottom, teeth to toes to keep healthy and clean bodies.

We're all really excited for Isle of Wight and know the children are too.

Enjoy the sun and your weekends together.
Mrs Bath and the Year 6 Team :-) 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Year 6 Homework Projects

Now that the children have finished their SATs exams, and once the writing assessments are complete, we will be focusing on our residential trip and end of year productions, as well as catching up with computing and topic. We have included a list of activities below that you may like to do with your children instead of traditional homework. If they would like to make a presentation or bring in some photos of themselves doing some of these activities we would love to share them with the class, however there is no expectation from us for them to do this.

Kind regards
The Year 6 Team J

50 things to do with your friends and family
Date achieved
1.       Picnic in the park.

2.       Visit to a museum.

3.       Read Wind in the Willows.

4.       Learn to play a game of cards.

5.       Play a game of cricket.

6.       Play a game of hopscotch.

7.       Visit the Science museum in London.

8.       Go fruit picking at a ‘Pick Your Own’ farm.

9.       Plant it, grow it, eat it.

10.    Go ice skating.

11.    Learn to play some traditional games: dominoes, hop-scotch, tiddlywinks, ludo, draughts and marbles.

12.    Start a collection of something and tell your class about it.

13.    Visit a circus.

14.    Build sandcastles on a beach.

15.    Learn a new sport.

16.    Build a den/camp outside.

17.    Sleep in a tent.

18.    Toast marshmallows on a campfire and sing songs.

19.    Fly a kite.

20.    Go pond dipping.

21.    Visit an old people’s home and entertain them.

22.    Feed the ducks (duck food only please J).

23.    Look at the view over London from the General Wolfe statue in Greenwich park. Can you find out who he is?

24.    Spend 15 minutes looking at the night time sky. Can you spot Venus?

25.    Take a train to London.

26.    Watch the street entertainers in Covent Garden.

27.    Go to the theatre.

28.    Play a game of conkers.

29.    Go to the woods and listen to the different sounds.

30.    Bake a cake.

31.    Go on a treasure hunt (You could make up your own, with your own clues). Did you find any treasure?

32.    Go swimming.

33.    Visit a seaside.

34.    Visit one of the Royal Parks in London.

35.    Take the river taxi along the Thames.

36.    Perform a short play with your friends.

37.    Visit a zoo.

38.    Visit a farm.

39.    Skim stones.

40.    Watch the Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace.

41.    Set up a snail race.

42.    Visit the Dinosaur Gallery at the Natural History Museum.

43.    Make bread.

44.    Go crabbing.

45.    Find your way with a map and a compass.

46.    Ride a horse, pony or donkey.

47.    Visit a castle.

48.    Prepare a meal for your family.

49.    Plan a holiday for your family.

50.    Go to the cinema as a critic.

Friday, 11 May 2018

We are all very proud of the hard work and determination the year 6 children have shown this year and the amount of progress they have all made. We wish them the very best of luck next week and just ask them to try their best and show all they have learnt, as I'm sure you are doing at home. Thank you for all your support and have a lovely relaxing weekend with your family.

The Year 6 Team :-) 

Some information about our special day next Friday:

Royal Wedding Celebrations

The wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle

On Friday 18th May we will be linking with the Infant school to celebrate the royal wedding.  We would like all the children to wear red, white and blue (a non-uniform day) in the spirit of the occasion! 
During the morning there will be a range of cross-curricular royal activities. There will also be a charity run –  to raise money for the NSPCC. Please don't forget to sponsor your children!
The infants will be collecting money to go towards funds being raised for Jossie’s life saving treatment. If you would like to contribute to that collection as well, do please send in some money and we will add it to the collection in the infants.
In the afternoon, weather permitting, there will be a 'street party' outside.
The children will need to bring in a small, disposable plate of food to eat at the street party (please note that we are unable to store in the fridge).  They will not need a lot of food as they will have had lunch an hour earlier.  As there are some children in school with a severe nut allergy, we politely remind you to ensure that your child's party food is nut-free.

We are looking forward to a great day with the infants. Fingers crossed for some more sunshine!

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Have a great Easter :-) A Few Revision Ideas!

Ideas for revision

The children have worked exceedingly hard over the last term so there is NO expectation that the children spend time revising. In fact it is imperative that they are well rested ready for next half term. However since some children / parents have expressed an interest in wanting to do some additional work, the following might be of assistance:
Maths – there is a very strong emphasis on number and they will need to know how to use all four operations.
·         CGP produce a great 10 minute SAT Buster revision guide. Amazon link below but it will also be available via book shops.
Standard copy:
Advanced copy:

·         There is a third CGP book that we have not used that could be purchased: pacing children through the test is one of the biggest challenges!
·         The focus needs to be on really reading the question carefully and answering with clear explanation and using evidence from the text. Underlining key words is useful and focuses children on what is being asked.
·         Read a text together – discuss how the writing makes the READER feel and reasons for the author’s language choices. If there is an unfamiliar word, allow your child to read around the word and discuss what it might mean within the context of the text.
·         Encourage children to spend some time looking at non-narrative texts as well as narrative.
·         Encourage children to justify their ideas – How do you know that? Is there anything in the text that indicates…? How do you think x is feeling at the moment?
·         There are published SATs buster books from CGP and others. For example:

·         We have sent home a list of key words that it is valuable to know, dictation using the words in context is more valuable than learning words in isolation. (Year 3/4 and 5/6 words.)
·         BBC Bitesize has not been completely revised for the new curriculum but the punctuation exercises would still be valid.
·         SPAG daily workout - is a power point presentation. 1 slide a day – keep it quick! Link on the blog. SPAG daily workout PowerPoint

NB: Gremlin verbs are:  be, am and are. The children often do not recognise these as verbs.

Please also refer to the targets that you were given at our recent consultation evening.

Have a lovely and restful break. J
The Year 6 team

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Crucial Crew

We had a very informative and thought-provoking afternoon yesterday at Crucial Crew with issues that we will be discussing in class over the next few months. If you would like to talk to your child any more about what they learnt about, the following pit-stops were discussed:

1) Anti-social behaviour - having an awareness of how you can come across to the public if you are being loud, wearing hoodies and hanging around in parks or on corners late at night. Also, knowing places you can go to if you feel scared or intimidated by older children who are doing those things (go to a supermarket or shop, home or a public place and tell an adult you feel unsafe).

2) RNLI - how to be safe in the water.

3) Road safety - don't text and cross roads.

4) Samaritans - who to call/text when you feel like you can't talk to anyone you know.

5) Rail safety - don't cross lines or throw rubbish onto them as they are electrical

6) Billy Dove's Wish - a young boy who died when he got mixed up with a bad group of boys so Billy's wish is to help others stay safe by remembering to tell adults if problems feel too big, not get involved in violent behaviour and support my friends and help them to not get into any problems too. 

7) Cyber-bullying - how to spot cyber-bullying, what it is and how to not become and cyberbully/be a victim of it alone. 

8) First-Aid training - how to put people into the recovery position.

9) Alcohol awareness - it can have many negative side effects if you're not responsible. 

10) Fire safety/hazards in the house - don't leave hairdryers on beds, don't leave phones charging on pillows etc. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Easter around the corner!

Hello all,

Apologies for there not being a blog for a while. We have had a few snow days, a few poorly members of staff and many busy days so have not been able to post but we are back at it now!

Well, where to start! We have been beavering away in our English lessons doing a variety of topics such as looking at narrative with The Giants Necklace and Henry's Freedom Box, both beautifully emotive books that have allowed the children to fully immerse themselves into their characters. We've had diary entries, letters written and so many wonderfully skills woven in to engage the reader. We have also looked at a range of non-fiction writing where children have reviewed items and judged whether they are fit for purpose - which they have loved as it has been so relevant to them.

To continue to support them in their English at home, we really recommend revision guides to cover all our punctuation and grammar terminology. As much practise on that as possible is very beneficial at the moment.

In maths, we have been doing geometry. We have looked at angles inside shapes and what they add up to, different types of angles, properties of shapes, area, perimeter, missing angles, 2D shapes 3D shapes, making them, looking at nets, all sorts! If it is geometry - we're covering it. It's a great unit, very visual and whilst there is a lot of terminology (again!) the children always seem to enjoy building on their prior knowledge.

To continue to support your children in maths at home please continue to recap geometry. The children need lots of reminders of sides and corners, vertices and edges, shape properties and visualising shapes too.

We had a brilliant Science Day yesterday! We have had to stagger our Science Day English lesson as we wanted to continue with our unit in English and not have that interrupted as many of us were near the end of writing up a final piece so we are going to have a fin science themed lesson on Thursday afternoon. The children loved discovering what biscuit was best for dunking yesterday and enjoyed nibbling on some left-overs too! I'll post some pictures below.

Just to remind you that we have Gym Display today and tomorrow, Eistedfodd is next week (remind the children to be prepared) and parents evening is next week too so please return any forms to the office or your child's class teachers.

Enjoy the countdown to Easter!
Mrs Bath and the Year 6 Team :-)