Friday, 10 November 2017

Busy and brilliant!

Year 6 have been busy, as always, these last few weeks! In English, we have been covering a variety of topics including spy stories, narrative and poetry. We have been continuing to use our grammar and punctuation skills to up-level our writing and make it engaging for the reader, as well as focusing on how to structure stories well.

In Maths, we have been working on fractions, switching from mixed numbers to improper, multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting them and really breaking down what we are being asked to do and why those methods we have learnt work. 

In Science, the children are loving our new 'Light' unit and have learnt that light travels in straight lines through a variety of investigations. We have then drawn up our findings with detailed diagrams. 

In Topic, we are beginning to finish our WW2 unit and have been speaking about how the war ended and how people celebrated. With remembrance day coming up tomorrow, we learnt how poppies were made and listened to a poem about why we should be thankful to our countries service men and women for the sacrifices they gave/give for our freedom. 

We are also loving our coding unit in Computing at the moment, do ask the children about what they have been learning and doing!

If you would like to support your child more at home, the CGP revision guides have some excellent resources to keep on top of the skills the children will need for their SATs.

Don't forget next week is parents consultations where we will be discussing your child's academic progress. Also, please ensure children are coming to school with a coat - it's getting chilly out there!

From the Year 6 team :-)