Friday, 23 September 2011

Yet another week at Crabtree...

Yet another week at Crabtree in Year 6 and yes, it has really flown by.

The children have well and truly got into their WWII topic this week exploring the main events of the war, locating Britain's allies on maps of 1940 Europe and even re-enacting Chamberlain's war declaration on the wireless. We also had a chance to introduce Charlie Chaplin and clips of some of his films including the famous "Great Dictator" was great to see how, a century later, the little man with the funny walk still manages to make children and adults alike laugh.

The children also produced their group biographies this week and some have had a chance to present their work in front of an audience. Next week, they will be planning and writing biographies on the person they interviewed over the summer. We can't way to see the outcome!

Our first science experiment involving flying parachutes in the classroom also proved interesting...the children definitely enjoyed their 1st lesson on air resistance...let's see what happens when we ask them to make their own streamlined airplanes in a couple of weeks!

We would also like to let you know that the children's Maths homework was set on SamLearning today. We made sure they knew their password and that the children who had problems logging in were given paper copies of the homework. Miss Renier's Maths group was reminded that the expectation is for them to spend 30 mins on their homework. Any additional time spent is optional. This is due on Monday, along with their biography notes.

Before we wish you a great weekend, the Year 6 team would like to send out a gentle reminder about pencil cases being replenished when needed (including glue sticks)and PE kits being taken home regularly to be washed.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 6 team.