Monday, 28 November 2011

Homework, reminders and update!

Hello everyone,

It is finally starting to feel like November with the freezing temperatures hitting our windscreens this morning! Won't feel odd buying a Christmas tree in the next couple of weeks!

Until then, Year 6 still has lots to get through, enjoy and achieve! Don't forget that this Thursday is our Year Group assembly. If you can, it would be lovely if you could join the rest of the Year in a short VE Day party which will take place in the classrooms after assembly. This will last 20-30 mins, enough time for you to have a look at what the children have been up to for the last term, eat some War time cakes and enjoy WW2 music? The children will be dressed up, so if you can, come along dressed up too!

In the last couple of weeks, the children have been working very hard as usual, particularly in literacy where they are been writing powerful poems on th Blitz as well as reading and drafting newspaper reports on the events of the WW2 period.They will be cooking in the next few days, producing some cakes using authentic WW2 recipes...

Below are the spellings for this week. Your homework is to use the following words in sentences (one sentence for each word), or to write a sensible but imaginative paragraph including the words. Don't forget the use of VCOP! Try and stretch yourself by using higher level vocabulary and accurate speech punctuation!


Elm - please carry out the work in your spelling books.

Another kind reminder regarding pencil cases: lots of children have been asking for pens and pencils. Could you please ensure your child has a replenished pencil case as we have limited resources.

Thank you and see you on Thursday,

The Year 6 team