Friday, 2 September 2011

Welcome to Year 6!

Dear children and parents,

We hope you have had a fantastic holiday and are ready to start a brand new year at Crabtree. We thought we would ping this note on the blog hoping it might find some of you...

The year 6 team would like to remind the children that they need to bring a full PE kit, an art shirt and a well equiped pencil case (rubber, pencil, handwriting pen, glue stick, pencil sharperner, small ruler etc) on their very first day back.

Although the children will be notified in detailed on Monday, we would also like to warn them that they will be given homework on Monday to be due in on Wednesday. Those reading this might be able to get ahead by preparing for it this weekend! We are starting the year in literacy looking at autobiographies and in order to help the children prepare for theirs we need them do complete the following task. We would like the children to bring a shoe box or a plastic bag full of items to represent their lives. For example: pictures of them as a baby, their first ever shoe, pictures of their 1st birthday party etc. Each item needs to have a meaning about each milestone so that they can use these to make a timeline of their lives.

Finally, although a letter will be sent out on Monday, we would like to confirm that the trip to Hendon on Monday 15th is going ahead. The Year 6 team went there for a sneaky preview in July and we got very excited about what the children will be able to see. However, we have decided to extend the trip to make the most of what RAF Hendon has to offer which means we won't be back to school before 4.30pm. Some parents have very kindly volunteered already and we will be getting in touch with you shortly to confirm your attendance. If the time change means you can no longer volunteer then please don't hesitate to contact the office.

Well, that's it from us for this weekend. We can't wait to see 64 little faces on Monday! Until then, enjoy the last few days of rest!

Have a good weekend,

The Year 6 Team