Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Year 6 Homework Projects

Now that the children have finished their SATs exams, and once the writing assessments are complete, we will be focusing on our residential trip and end of year productions, as well as catching up with computing and topic. We have included a list of activities below that you may like to do with your children instead of traditional homework. If they would like to make a presentation or bring in some photos of themselves doing some of these activities we would love to share them with the class, however there is no expectation from us for them to do this.

Kind regards
The Year 6 Team J

50 things to do with your friends and family
Date achieved
1.       Picnic in the park.

2.       Visit to a museum.

3.       Read Wind in the Willows.

4.       Learn to play a game of cards.

5.       Play a game of cricket.

6.       Play a game of hopscotch.

7.       Visit the Science museum in London.

8.       Go fruit picking at a ‘Pick Your Own’ farm.

9.       Plant it, grow it, eat it.

10.    Go ice skating.

11.    Learn to play some traditional games: dominoes, hop-scotch, tiddlywinks, ludo, draughts and marbles.

12.    Start a collection of something and tell your class about it.

13.    Visit a circus.

14.    Build sandcastles on a beach.

15.    Learn a new sport.

16.    Build a den/camp outside.

17.    Sleep in a tent.

18.    Toast marshmallows on a campfire and sing songs.

19.    Fly a kite.

20.    Go pond dipping.

21.    Visit an old people’s home and entertain them.

22.    Feed the ducks (duck food only please J).

23.    Look at the view over London from the General Wolfe statue in Greenwich park. Can you find out who he is?

24.    Spend 15 minutes looking at the night time sky. Can you spot Venus?

25.    Take a train to London.

26.    Watch the street entertainers in Covent Garden.

27.    Go to the theatre.

28.    Play a game of conkers.

29.    Go to the woods and listen to the different sounds.

30.    Bake a cake.

31.    Go on a treasure hunt (You could make up your own, with your own clues). Did you find any treasure?

32.    Go swimming.

33.    Visit a seaside.

34.    Visit one of the Royal Parks in London.

35.    Take the river taxi along the Thames.

36.    Perform a short play with your friends.

37.    Visit a zoo.

38.    Visit a farm.

39.    Skim stones.

40.    Watch the Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace.

41.    Set up a snail race.

42.    Visit the Dinosaur Gallery at the Natural History Museum.

43.    Make bread.

44.    Go crabbing.

45.    Find your way with a map and a compass.

46.    Ride a horse, pony or donkey.

47.    Visit a castle.

48.    Prepare a meal for your family.

49.    Plan a holiday for your family.

50.    Go to the cinema as a critic.

Friday, 11 May 2018

We are all very proud of the hard work and determination the year 6 children have shown this year and the amount of progress they have all made. We wish them the very best of luck next week and just ask them to try their best and show all they have learnt, as I'm sure you are doing at home. Thank you for all your support and have a lovely relaxing weekend with your family.

The Year 6 Team :-) 

Some information about our special day next Friday:

Royal Wedding Celebrations

The wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle

On Friday 18th May we will be linking with the Infant school to celebrate the royal wedding.  We would like all the children to wear red, white and blue (a non-uniform day) in the spirit of the occasion! 
During the morning there will be a range of cross-curricular royal activities. There will also be a charity run –  to raise money for the NSPCC. Please don't forget to sponsor your children!
The infants will be collecting money to go towards funds being raised for Jossie’s life saving treatment. If you would like to contribute to that collection as well, do please send in some money and we will add it to the collection in the infants.
In the afternoon, weather permitting, there will be a 'street party' outside.
The children will need to bring in a small, disposable plate of food to eat at the street party (please note that we are unable to store in the fridge).  They will not need a lot of food as they will have had lunch an hour earlier.  As there are some children in school with a severe nut allergy, we politely remind you to ensure that your child's party food is nut-free.

We are looking forward to a great day with the infants. Fingers crossed for some more sunshine!