Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Welcome back!

Dear Parents and children,

Welcome back to school! Hope you've all had a fab half term and have all had the opportunity to relax...

We hope the children are looking forward to the rest of this term as they have still so many activities to take part in: Junior Apprentice, House Banquets, Science at St George's, another Art Triwizard task on Movement etc and of course lots of preparation for our lovely SATs! :)

Below is a reminder of tomorrow's homework for those who forget to access the learning platform. And as usual, Friday's homework is our Daily Prophet entries. Could the children refer back to instructions given last term as standards are beginning to slip both with presentation and content. Could I also remind children that it is not acceptable to "cut and paste" from the internet. This homework has been set so that we give the children the opportunity to develop and improve their literacy skills; particularly editing. This cannot be achieved if whole sections of texts are taken from a website and copied. We hope you can support us in this matter.

Finally, we look forward to seeing you all soon at Parent Consultations. Please remember that in order to keep to a tight schedule, each appointment is 10 mins only. If you feel that you need more time, please see us about possible alternative arrangements.

Many thanks,

The Year 6 team.


The following homework has been published on the learning platform too. It will be set tomorrow and is due in on Friday.

In ICT, we are learning how to use spreadsheets. In the next two weeks, we will be learning other Excel skills which will enable us to eventually carry out our 3rd Triwizard Task. This task will consist of each house planning and costing for a typical Hogwarts banquet.

Your banquet will need to:

- feed 8 wizards and witches

- be imaginative and appetising with its selection of dishes

- include both food and drinks

- be excellent value (good quality but value for money)

Your homework is to:

1. research examples of dishes to include

2. make a shopping list you would need to make those dishes

3. research the price of those products

You can communicate with your group members (by phone, at school or on the Learning Platform) if need be.

You will be given time in school to make final decisions on menu choices before you are asked to start your actual task.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Happy Half Term!

Well, the end of another half term- and what a finish. The children have all worked so hard on their assessments. Alongside those all important bits of paper they have managed despite snow fall and late starts to pull off another brilliant assembly thoroughly enjoyed by all who saw it. We hope your knowledge of Harry Potter is now suitably improved!

Our topic is well advanced and we have more to look forward to next half term with the completion of our Tri Wizard Challenge Cup and a mini topic ‘Race to the Moon’ to get under way. This will continue into the beginning of next term as we do our final preparation for SATs.

Homework over the half term has been sent home with your children today, Friday, and is due in on their return on Monday 20th February. A twist on our science topic with cross curricula links to maths. We hope this will challenge the children to think outside the box!

Looking ahead we will be coming back to an art day on Monday so a few art aprons would be welcome.

Wishing you a very restful half term break with maybe a little dusting of the white stuff to keep those young at heart amused.
See you on the 20th February.

Thanks again for all your support during the term so far.

The Year 6 team.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Chess Enthusiasm Takes Crabtree

Miss Wilson has been really impressed with the Chess enthusiasm that has been shown in chess club this week.  I dare you to challenge them to a game at home!

See you all next week!