Saturday, 22 December 2012

Well, Christmas is upon us and the holidays have finally arrived.
Everyone in year 6 has worked really hard throughout the entire term and deserves a well earned break from  lessons.

We are sure you will agree that their concert was fantastic; in such a short space of time the children worked incredibly well together to create a truly memorable performance.  Despite illness and children taking on lines they had never rehearsed the end result went seamlessly. Well done all round!

Decorations and parties dominated the final week and much fun (and noise!) was had on our party afternoon. Hopefully your children have brought home their decorative creations to share around the house.

Looking ahead to next term, we are all very excited about our long awaited trip to the Harry Potter Studios and our consequent topic work- very science and literacy based.

It just remains for us to say a huge thank you for the very generous gifts that we all received at the end of term and to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and new year. We look forward to seeing all the children again on the 8th January.

Enjoy your holidays and let's hope this drab wet weather turns into something white and infinitely more fun!

Happy Christmas from the Year 6 Team.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas approaches

A big thank you to all parents and children for the fantastic effort that has gone into providing the costumes for our year 6 play. The first time we saw the children all dressed up on the stage the sight really was breath taking.

Everyone has worked so hard to learn their lines, and some children did have a lot of lines to learn. We hope that you enjoy watching your child's performance as much as we have enjoyed putting the show together.

Please ensure that on the evening performance children are at school by 6:45p.m. They may bring something quiet to do to keep them amused whilst other year groups perform. However, please make it clear to the children that they are responsible for whatever they bring in, any games should be age appropriate and it cannot be plugged into the wall sockets!

At the end of performances children can be collected from their own classrooms.

The year 6 team