Friday, 26 October 2012

The end of a very busy half term adjusting to the rigours of year 6 and our expectations.

We waved Miss Renier off yesterday amongst flowers and balloons wishing her a dry, bright and fantastically enjoyable day on Saturday as she becomes Mrs Renier- she has decided not to change her name as hers is so special to her!

As promised last week here are some of the amazing Anderson shelters and gardens that the children designed and made last week. I have to say the growth of cress in Elm was most impressive.

Wishing you all a very happy and restful half term.

The year 6 team

Friday, 19 October 2012

Give your children a pat on the back!

Our year 6 children have, this week, worked their socks off. Assessment week is always a tough week and the children maintained their focus right to the end. Staff are now getting to grips with all the marking and we will be feeding back on the progress of your children during the parent consultations after half term. Needless to say, from what we have seen so far we are suitably impressed and your children can be congratulated.

For relaxation, in the afternoons, the children have been hard at work on the most amazing Anderson shelters and victory gardens. Some of the gardens even have grass and seeds growing in them- such imagination!

Hopefully we will post some pictures of their finished master pieces next week when they are dry enough to be moved and photographed- watch this space.

Next week the time table returns to normal with a poetry literacy unit to take us up to half term.

Here's wishing all the children a relaxing weekend, lets hope the rain stops at some point, and again congratulations on all the hard work this week.

The year 6 team.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


We recently gave the children new passwords for the school's learning platform, DBPrimary. They have been asked to check that they can access the learning platform from home as we plan to do some of our ICT work based around the learning platform and we will also be trying to get the children used to the secondary style of homework where they are not given paper copies but have to access the activity on line. Another part of their preparation for the years ahead. We realise that not all children have access to this at home and will obviously continue to provide paper copies where needed.

With half term already looming we would ask that if your child is still unsure of their times tables that you encourage them to spend some time every day improving their knowledge of the tables of which they are unsure. A sound knowledge of times tables really does support their learning of other mathematical concepts e.g. division and fractions. If a computer is an incentive to learning then there are plenty of useful websites for practice, have a look on the Woodlands Junior School website and follow some of their links.

The week of the 15th October is assessment week in school and as the children will be working really hard in the mornings we plan to give them a slightly easier time of it in the afternoons. They will be designing and building Anderson Shelters as part of their World War II topic. For this to happen we would ask that you begin to collect old cereal packets, corrugated card, aluminium foil and small boxes that might be useful in the construction of these. Please bring them in to school on Friday 12th October.

The year 6 team

Friday, 5 October 2012

Wow, what a fantastic end to this week. So many Roald Dahl characters- it certainly made doing the register interesting this morning.

Congratulations to all the children for dressing up and joining in with our Roald Dahl day, a big thank you too to the parents who helped create the final effect.

Staff could be found on the playground this morning, amongst normally recognisable figures there was a group of Oompa Loompas, a few witches, Mike TV, the Twits and James’ giant peach with an accompanying spider. There was also the BFG- no prizes for guessing who that might be on a normal day!

Below please find some pictures of the many fabulous characters and costumes that graced our classrooms today.