Sunday, 20 September 2015

Welcome back!

A big apology first of all to all Year 6 parents and friends - there have been a few technical issues with the re-booting of the blogs this September, hence why it has taken a little while to get going again.

But not to worry - here is a little summary of what Year 6 has been up to in the last few weeks.

It is without a doubt that the Year 6 team have been impressed by the sheer enthusiasm and determination that the children have demonstrated since day 1 this term. They all came in (well, almost, all!) armed with their homework and an updated pencil-case. Thank you to all parents out there who help prepare their children so well!

Since that day, we have already moved on to our second units in both Mathematics and English. You may have heard that we are looking at Biographies in English. You might want to ask your children some tricky questions on Anne Frank...!

In Science, we have started our topic on Electricity. Whilst we are revising key concepts and we are also consolidating our understanding of fair tests and variables. This week, we will be taking another look at electrical symbols. Let's see how much our little monkeys have remembered since Year 4 (It is a luxury for both myself and Miss Clements to be in that position!).

The children also had a more relaxing day last Friday as we focused on the creative curriculum, looking at re-creating landscapes of London in the Blitz. We will update the blog shortly with some photos. Unfortunately, other activities planned couldn't take place as Head boy/Head girl presentations took precedent. We will no doubt ensure that all the exciting tasks we did have planned do take place over the course of this term. Thank you so much to all those parents for putting so much effort in the children's costumes. Do hang on to them as they will be needed again on the 3rd of December for our workshop/ fantastic finish, where the children will be building a spitfire! Please expect a letter regarding this activity day shortly.

Thanks again also for your support with regards homework so far. That said, some children have struggled a little with completing their reading record. Please remind them that "Reading is breathing in and Writing is breathing out"; their writing will struggle to develop unless they challenge themselves with not only the amount of reading they complete but also the actual content of their reading material.

We wish you a lovely Sunday and look forward to seeing the children again tomorrow.

Mrs Renier and the rest of the Year 6 team.