Friday, 16 September 2011

Another busy week!

This week has positively flown by. What an exciting if exhausting day was had by all on Monday at RAF Hendon, all the staff at Hendon were impressed with our coach load of evacuees.

The children learnt how to make their own gas mask box and came away with identity cards and name labels which will be used in the classroom for display before coming home.
During the classroom experience the siren sounded and the children all took cover under their desks while the waiting for the all clear to sound.

Writing with an old style pen dipped in an ink well was a challenge for most- Mme Baikie wrote beautifully in her war sized exercise book!

The sheer size and number of aeroplanes on display resulted in a considerable number of gasps of surprise.

The Aeronauts Gallery of interactive displays was a big draw with children learning about aero dynamics, the thrust required to allow a plane to take off, cargo dropping from planes and they even had the chance to go hang gliding at ground level!

Since then we have been busy learning about biographies and preparing propaganda posters for display as well as whole class posters which will appear on the Parent Association’s calendar for 2012 available we believe later this term to purchase.

The children all deserve a well earned rest this weekend. We’re looking forward to one too.
See you all on Monday.

The year 6 team