Monday, 17 October 2011


Dear children,

As explained in class, your homework today is to write a letter or post card home from the point of view of an evacuee. You will need to be descriptive in your letter and tell your parents about:
- where you are staying
- your host family
- what you do on a daily basis
- how you feel

To improve the presentation of your work, why not write it on a tea-stained piece of A4 to make it look old? This is optional. If not, please write the letter on a blank A4, using pencil lines if needed. Please write in ink. If you want, you could also make a postcard.

Once you have written your letter, you need to also go through and underline all the verbs in red and adjectives in green. Soon in literacy we will do a lot more work on our understanding of word types so might as well get started now!

If you need guidance over content, please refer to the following BBC website:

Whilst writing the letter, please refer to the following steps for success:
- I can use paragraphs
- I can use a variety of sentence openers or connectives to introduce each paragraph
- I can use powerful advectives and verbs to describe my new life
- I can show my understanding of an evacuee's experience

Don't forget that this homework is due on Wednesday 19th October.

The Year 6 Team.