Friday, 27 January 2017

Update from Year 6

Another busy week here at Crabtree!

We have been producing literary masterpieces in English, writing flashbacks from the point of view of WWII veterans. Here is an extract from Finlay's, which the whole year 6 team was incredibly impressed with:

The Cenotaph stood alone, amid the sea of poppies.  A feeling of pride swelled inside of me. The symbol of the graves of my dearest friends stood in front of me.

There was dead silence.  A field of individual crosses surrounded the field.   Motionless, the silence grew, knowing our comrades fought for freedom. Everyone was so still, it was almost as if time had stopped itself. A shiver ran through my spine. Alone, petrified, a tear rolled down my face, frozen in fear of how so many people had died - I stared into the distance...

In Science, we have also started our new topic on classification. Can the children tell you who Carl Linnaeus is?

It might also be interesting for you to have a discussion with your children about democracy, where it comes from, its many advantages and  possible  few disadvantages. The children have had interesting debates during their history lessons! They are getting prepared for their trip to the British Museum where they will learn a lot more about Ancient Greece and its many legacies.

That's all for now. The year 6 team wishes you a great weekend!

The Year 6 Team