Friday, 13 January 2017

Our first week back!

Hi it’s Benny and Ollie!


We’ve been asked to write the blog because, well, we we’re the next ones on the list! So, let’s get started, shall we?


In English, we have been planning and writing flashback stories. In Mrs Reiner’s, Mrs Wellham’s and Miss Clements’s maths group we have been solving algebra problems, Mrs Morris’s maths group they have been doing tesselation, rotation, reflection and co-ordination.


In science, we have been investigating refraction and how rainbows are made. But in ICT we have been planning our group’s different ideas for apps that we may make.


This week, we have also had a special, space guest (not Tim Peake!) a man who put together a great show/slide show (I’m impressed!) and his name is Mr Robin Mobs.


The Gym Display is taking place in a few months and preparations are well underway! Any groups who haven’t decided on music or costumes yet need to do so for next week.

Have a lovely weekend!