Friday, 10 February 2017

Happy Half Term!


Hi, Mattias and Ollie here to tell you about what we have been doing at school this week.

 We have a lot of clubs on at the moment: Gym club, where we have been developing routines for the display; football and netball, where they have been fighting against other schools, and the newly formed chess club, where we learn the techniques of chess and hope to get into the chess team. 
On Saturday, the cross country team ran a race and did amazing.  

In jigsaw lessons, Year 6 have been making class charter posters and in science we are doing an experiment on bread and in what condition will mould grow best.  In English we have been doing reports on rucksacks and over Christmas we made Parthenons which are displayed in both classrooms. 
So that’s that all for now. Wishing you a very happy half term.