Friday, 25 January 2013

Well, the snow finally arrived and we hope that you all a had a good time last weekend playing in it before it turned to ice.

Despite the excitement of the white stuff, year 6 have been working just as hard as ever.

We spent an afternoon doing magical science, some of which we await the results- hopefully over the next week or so crystals will appear where once there was just liquid. Icing sugar transformed into something zingy on our taste buds- sherbet and the children were all highly entertained with teacher led coca cola volcanoes!
An integral part of all our topic work this term involves the children learning about working together in successful groups- more will follow as they move through the term's activities.

New groupings with Mrs Morris and Mrs Carter are proving very successful with children eagerly going off to maths and literacy with a change of teacher. We hope that the effort they are all putting into practice in the classrooms will be reflected in our up and coming assessment week.

Assessment week is the week beginning 4th February when assessments will take place in the mornings throughout the week. Please try to avoid taking your children out of school for appointments during this week.

Nearly the end of January and half way through the first half term already- time really does fly!

The year 6 team.