Saturday, 12 January 2013

Welcome back and a happy new year to everyone.

This week saw the beginning of our new topic which started with children being sorted into Hogwarts Houses. These will run alongside their school houses and any points earned will be transferred across to count towards both.

They will work in their house groups to complete challenges towards the Tri Wizard Cup throughout the term with the successful house in each class announced at the end of term.

Yesterday's trip to the Harry Potter Studios was a great finish to our first week back and adults and children alike were very excited as we set off.
Much searching for golden snitches kept eyes focused not just on the amazing exhibits in front of us but also on the area above our heads. Children were able to collect stamps in a Harry Potter passport as they went around, a souvenir of their trip to the studios.

Along the way there was an opportunity to fly a broomstick or the Weasley's famous flying car. As you can see below the fun wasn't just for the children!

On Monday the children will be considering their learning journey over the next term by suggesting reasonable ideas that they would like to include in the work we do- some suggestions for constructing Diagon Alley in the classrooms have already been made- any ideas for completing these ambitious plans would be welcomed!
The year 6 team