Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hello to everyone

What a fantastic start to the new school year culminating last week in a really great day out at Hendon. Many thanks to you all for dressing up and taking the time to make our evacuation day such a success. We look forward this week to beginning our World War II topic in the classroom.

This week sees the start of the real routine in year 6. Children have already brought home their first written literacy homework of the year, due in on Wednesday. Whilst homework will be set on Monday, due on Wednesday, set on Wednesday, due on Friday and set on Friday, due on Monday the specific nights for each of the subjects will vary to begin with.

Spellings will be set on a Friday to be learnt and tested the following Friday.

As the majority of homework will be done on paper it is important that the children make sure that the folders they have been given for transporting their homework back and forth to school are used in order to keep things neat and tidy. The folders are expensive and if lost it will be down to the children to replace with a similar one. Please ensure that your children fully understand this.

We look forward to meeting many of you on Friday afternoon at the year 6 Meet The Teacher.
At this meeting we will be giving out the termly topic webs and explaining our expectations for the term and year ahead.
Please sign your class list upon arrival as this will allow us to e mail topic webs to those people unable to attend.

The Year 6 Team