Thursday, 13 September 2012

French Homework for the weekend. Due in on Monday ready for French on Tuesday:

Your homework this weekend is to create a cover for your French book using the computer.
You can either print this out at home or save it to the learning platform and then print it out in school.

There are some words that you must include in your cover and they appear below.
You will need to search, using Google or such, Second World War posters in French, type in

2ème Guerre Mondiale Posters en francais- some examples are on the sheet you were given in school.
In order to get the letters with the accents you need to insert symbol and select appropriately.

Make sure that you save your cover, either at home or to the learning platform so that if you need a new book you will be able to print out a new cover.
Wording for your front cover should include

CM1 et CM2

2012- 2013

Cours Moyen Deuxième Année

Madame Baikie
Then add your name and any relevant picture from the above web site.