Friday, 8 June 2018

Sun, fun, practise and actors!

Our first week back has already begun with talking about the end of year assembly and play. The children have been given a scene to learn if they want a bigger role and will perform to us next week during some light-hearted auditions. We are in full swing with practising the songs for both productions and the children are very excited (as are we!) and they will get their parts very soon.

We have also continued with one of our projects called 'Anywhere Island' where the children have been creating a whole island, country and identity. They have really loved coming up with names, flags and have also done some beautiful creative writing based on what they first see when they step on the island and their first impressions. 

In English, we have been covering a range of units including newspaper articles, fact files, WW1 football match creative writing and writing in role diary entries. We sat down to thoroughly look through all our writers work yesterday and were so pleased, proud and amazed at the mini authors we have in our midst; there are some truly talented writers and we are blown away by their talent and hard work. 

We had Kate in for a hygiene talk on Wednesday and the children learnt how to take care of themselves from top to bottom, teeth to toes to keep healthy and clean bodies.

We're all really excited for Isle of Wight and know the children are too.

Enjoy the sun and your weekends together.
Mrs Bath and the Year 6 Team :-)