Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Have a great Easter :-) A Few Revision Ideas!

Ideas for revision

The children have worked exceedingly hard over the last term so there is NO expectation that the children spend time revising. In fact it is imperative that they are well rested ready for next half term. However since some children / parents have expressed an interest in wanting to do some additional work, the following might be of assistance:
Maths – there is a very strong emphasis on number and they will need to know how to use all four operations.
·         CGP produce a great 10 minute SAT Buster revision guide. Amazon link below but it will also be available via book shops.
Standard copy:
Advanced copy:

·         There is a third CGP book that we have not used that could be purchased: pacing children through the test is one of the biggest challenges!
·         The focus needs to be on really reading the question carefully and answering with clear explanation and using evidence from the text. Underlining key words is useful and focuses children on what is being asked.
·         Read a text together – discuss how the writing makes the READER feel and reasons for the author’s language choices. If there is an unfamiliar word, allow your child to read around the word and discuss what it might mean within the context of the text.
·         Encourage children to spend some time looking at non-narrative texts as well as narrative.
·         Encourage children to justify their ideas – How do you know that? Is there anything in the text that indicates…? How do you think x is feeling at the moment?
·         There are published SATs buster books from CGP and others. For example:

·         We have sent home a list of key words that it is valuable to know, dictation using the words in context is more valuable than learning words in isolation. (Year 3/4 and 5/6 words.)
·         BBC Bitesize has not been completely revised for the new curriculum but the punctuation exercises would still be valid. http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks2/english/spelling_grammar/
·         SPAG daily workout - is a power point presentation. 1 slide a day – keep it quick! Link on the blog. SPAG daily workout PowerPoint

NB: Gremlin verbs are:  be, am and are. The children often do not recognise these as verbs.

Please also refer to the targets that you were given at our recent consultation evening.

Have a lovely and restful break. J
The Year 6 team