Friday, 19 January 2018

2018 underway!

Well, what a start! The children have been amazing! They've come back to ready for this year and have thrown themselves into it with gusto.

In English, we have been really focusing on those key punctuation and grammar skills and the children are really getting a grasp on them, feeling more and more confident each week. We have looked at, in detail, some of those key skills that can slip up now that they are learning higher-level skills so please continue to focus on these when supporting in homework. This would involve ensuring your child has got their capital letters and full stops whilst still focusing on semi-colons and colons.

In Maths, we have been looking at ratio, algebra, scale factor and percentages as well as always keeping up with other key areas such as place value, decimals and all the operations with large numbers. If children are struggling with percentages, remind them to find 1% by dividing by 100 and multiply by the percentage asked or find 10% by dividing by 10 and multiplying by the tens number asked.

In Topic, we are continuing our learning on South America and the Rainforest and have learnt where the rainforests are, what they are and why they exist. We learnt about the Tropics, further discussed the equator and consolidated our understanding of the continents and oceans.

The children are learning about Evolution and Inheritance in Science at the moment and loving it! Whilst there isn't as many hands on experiments in this unit, they are loving discovering what characteristics and traits they got from their parents and other family members as well as learning about adaptation and how living things suit their environments.

For Computing, we are doing coding at the moment so it would be really helpful if they children could bring in some headphones. They are able to complete the tasks well without but they can hear sounds their avatars can make with headphones which adds another layer of fun to their learning!

Enjoy your weekends together,
Mrs Bath and the Year 6 Team :-)