Friday, 9 September 2016

Our first week by Katie and Ella

Yr6 Blog


Hello, this is Katie and Ella, we have been asked to blog for this action-packed week.



This week the teachers have been challenging us with some hard English and maths lessons. Miss Clements, Mrs Wellham, Mrs Renier, Mrs Carter and Mrs Morris have been teaching us about place value. We’ve been using our knowledge to answer some extremely hard questions. In English, we have been covering SPAG and word types, including editing our work.




Yr6 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on this amazing trip all about the coding in World War Two. While we were there, we went in some small huts with rooms in. Inside the rooms were typewriters, bags, enigma machines and coding paper. The other half of the exciting day we listened to a lady tell us about the role of code breaking in WW2. Finally, we went to the gift shop and bought some cool things.