Monday, 12 May 2014

One down!

Well, the first day of SATs is over and the children worked really hard. We felt that the reading test was a fair paper but, in its new format, quite challenging to complete to time.
We hope that the children all feel that they did their best .

We know that this week can be stressful, more so for some than others. Some ways in which you can help your child is by ensuring that they do not get over tired as the week progresses- early nights, a good breakfast before they come to school, a snack for break time even if they do not normally do so and a bottle of water in case they want a drink during any test.

We know that the children have all worked extremely hard throughout the year and they are all well and truly ready for whatever the rest of week's papers brings. It's now up to the children to do themselves proud and show off what they can do.
Good luck for the rest of the week!

Lastly, a reminder that Friday is our picnic lunch day. To celebrate the end of all their hard work the children will be having a picnic lunch in the front garden- weather permitting, and the forecast is set fair at the moment.

The Year 6 Team