Saturday, 29 June 2013

We have had a really busy week celebrating different aspects of China.
On Monday we began with an introduction to China- where in the world it is, major cities, etc. Elm went on to discover the Terracotta Army whilst Elder made colourful dragons.

Tuesday brought Rui Liu from St. George's, currently on secondment there from China. She spent some time teaching year 6 how to introduce themselves in Mandarin and then they all learnt an amusing song in Chinese- ask if they remember any of the phrases.
Alongside learning Chinese, the whole year group also took part in the construction of a fantastic dragon, now flying around the hall!

Wednesday saw the return of Rui Liu who taught us all how to write beautiful Chinese calligraphy using brushes and special Chinese ink.
Elm went on to play Chinese games of strategy and Elder to paint in the Chinese style.

On Thursday the activities continued combined with watching the story behind the names of the years of the Chinese calendar. Everyone now knows which year they were born in and have made a decision as to whether they have any of the characteristics from that year. I wonder if you recognise any listed here in your off spring!

Snakes are deep thinkers and tend toward the mystical. They are intelligent but can be secretive. They are good communicators and can put others at ease with just a word.

Horses are warm-hearted and interested in improving themselves. A horse is the spotlight of his community and likes to help others. They like to stay active and are kind to most people that they meet.

The culmination of the week was the building of the Great Wall of Crabtree, built in the hall due to the traditional summer weather. It was great to see all those parents who were able to join us on Friday afternoon- for those who were not everything will be available to view on the evening of 10th July, our annual open evening.

We now look forward to our school visit on Monday- keep your fingers crossed that the weather  lives up to the forecast!

The Year 6 Team