Monday, 25 June 2012


Dear Parents,

Year 6 is in the process of preparing the Powerpoint for the Leavers Concert. We asked the children a few weeks ago to gather photos of them throughout their time at Crabtree, including all class photos. We have had a very small response. Would it be possible for you to rummage through your archived pictures and bring those to the school? I currently only have a couple of class photos (Year 4 and Reception) from Elm and we would really appreciate having all of the class photos.

If you do find some whilst we are away in Kent, could you bring them to school (if you are passing by or taking a sibling) and give those to Mrs Coxon.

We will aim to update the blog regularly this week but should we not update it, please do not worry. The school should be in touch via text or email anyway.

See you later!

The Year 6 Team.