Monday, 26 March 2012


Design a mug for the Diamond Jubilee

Your homework for the week is to design a mug for the Diamond Jubilee.

As part of the celebrations you have the opportunity to have your own design printed onto a mug which you can buy for all your friends and relatives.

Your design needs to reflect Britain and the Queens Diamond Jubilee, it may include the date and possibly have a small link to the Olympics as well- the focus is the Queens Jubilee. There must be no official logos or slogans on your design or the mug company will not be allowed to print them, you need to be mindful of this if you are making any links with the Olympics.

Your design needs to be done on the template which you will bring home on Tuesday; on the back of this is the order form. The design and your order with payment should be returned to school by Friday 30th March

Artwork Guidelines.
• Artworks must be completed on the template provided
• Artworks must be landscape
• Everything visible on the artwork will be printed. To avoid losing any of your design allow a small border of 2 mm around the edge.
• Do not add your name to the design unless it is actually part of the design!
• Bright bold colours work best in felt pen, crayon, pencil crayon or paint.
• Do not use fluorescent highlighter colours or pearlised gel pens.
• Do not use glitter as this will ruin the machinery to scan your design.
• Please ensure that the arrow on the reverse of the design points to the top of the design. The design will be printed in this way up.

Use Monday night to research or plan your design, it must be no bigger than 29.7cm by 12.9cm in size. Draw it out on a rough piece of paper.
On Tuesday we will send home the official templates for you to begin your masterpiece in neat. These will come with instructions for the ordering and payment.
Good luck and have fun!