Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Welcome to Hogwarts!!!

What a brilliant 1st day to our spring term! We've all had so much fun making potions, erupting volcanoes and making colours disappear... all details and pictures will be published Friday on this blog.

Until then, below is the homework the children have been set, due on Monday. It has also been set on The Learning Platform, in case you are looking at both websites!

Another kind reminder on pencil cases... we would really appreciate it if they could be filled and "up-dated" as we have limited resources. A few children asked for pens and pencils today. Many thanks for you understanding and cooperation.

The Year 6 Team.


For the children's information:

Your homework today is to write a letter home (addressed to your parents) about your first day at Hogwarts. Your letter should include details of:

- what you did today

- what you enjoyed

- what you learnt

- how you are looking forward to the rest of the topic

You have until Monday morning for this task as we will expect you to handwrite this letter on parchment-like paper (tea-stained paper or greaseproof paper).

You will need to think carefully about:

- paragraphing

- using the right letter format

- using high level vocabulary

- take care with your punctuation throughout

Good luck!